Modern Master Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling Your Bathroom

Getting the bathrooms in your home remodeled is the second best way to increase the value of your home. Its also where the average person spends about 1.5 years of their life. So now think about how much better your days would be if you were to start your day off in a nice big shower with plenty of elbow room to move around in or ending you night with a calming and soothing bathtub you can soak and relax in. Also think about the amount of new storage space you would have to keep all your toiletries and personal grooming equipment organized and ready to go for those days that were running late. Now lets get in to a few things we should be paying attention to when deciding to remodel your bathroom.

One of the most overlooked and most important things that need to be done when remodeling a bathroom is making sure your contractor is doing work thats up to code. Now I'm not even talking about plumbing and electrical just yet, for now I'm talking about things that you won't know about until its too late which is mold. One common practice performed by a lot of your lower bidders out there is using drywall as a backer board for shower walls and bathtub surround. This is in no way shape or form o.k. and the problems won't become noticeable on until a year or two later.

The solution to finding out if the your contractor  or bathroom remodeler is cutting corners is to ask them what material will they use as a tile backer in those areas if they reply with drywall or green board then they are either under qualified or in the business of cutting corners. A lot of contractors out there will claim that the tile is water proof there for the entire tiled wall will become water proof. However they are leaving out the fact that grout abosorbs water and passes it on to the thin-set which passes it on to the drywall which also rusts out the screws securing the drywall to the studs and since there is no air circulating behind the walls it becomes the perfect nesting ground for mold to grow and spread. Not to mention how weak the lower walls will become and eventually the tile will start to sag or start falling off the wall because the drywall has become mush.


The proper way is to use 1/2 inch cement board screwed every 8 inches with "cement board screws" then tape the seems and thin-set them then 3 coats of a water proofing membrane. This is the tried and proven method that will withstand all the water you can trow at it for as long as the house stands. Not to mention its going to eliminate all possibilities of mold appearing behind your walls and in your grout lines which will keep you and your family healthier and your house smelling fresh.

Another Item thats overlooked is the replacement of your bathroom exhaust fan. although you may be thinking it works and your contractor may tell you theres no need to replace it and he will just install a new cover over it. This is not recommended by us simply because you are paying for a full bathroom remodel so why not replace it with a quieter more powerful unit. This will eliminate having perform paint and drywall repairs later after the remodel is complete. Most importantly it is the only thing in your bathroom that will pull the moisture and bad odors out of your bathroom and keep any possibilities of mold or mildew starting to form anywhere in your bathroom. Think of how foggy it gets in there after a hot shower now think about where all that moisture ends up if you don't have some form of extracting it. With an upgraded exhaust fan you can almost eliminate that fog settling on your mirrors and walls and keep your home cleaner and healthier.

One last thing that commonly gets skipped by a lot of contractors is replacing water stop vales and supply hoses for you sinks and toilet just to save a few dollars and a few hours of work. Just think of how upset you would be if you just had your bathroom remodeled with all new tile and vanity and then a few months later you open up your vanity to find you had a slow drip coming from the stop valve feeding your faucet and it has begun to ruin your brand new vanity. So you call you contractor up and he says he didn't replace the stop valves and they weren't included in the contract so its not his fault but he can replace everything for more of your hard earned cash. We imagine you wouldn't be too happy.


This is Precisely what we at Stronghold Remodeling want to avoid and they only way we can guarantee our work is by replacing these small inexpensive items that have a huge impact on the longevity of our work. 

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