Modern Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling Your Kitchen

Your Kitchen is always going to be you most expensive room in your home to remodel, however its also your biggest return on investment. This is not due to a contractors decision to make it the most expensive but entirely due to how many different trades, materials, and appliances are involved with a kitchen remodel. You might think but its just another room in my home and your correct except its also the most complex room in your home. 


Let us give you a quick breakdown of what is involved in remodeling a kitchen. Lets start with the floor and work our way up. The subfloor is what finished floor, cabinets, appliances and everything else sits on, it must be level and sturdy enough to handle the weight of everything in your kitchen. If the floor is not level then the cabinets and counter tops will not be either and your appliances will also not be level. Sure appliances have adjustable feet for leveling them and cabinets will be shimmed but thats only to make very fine adjustments in order to get everything just right. 

Next we have your cabinets and countertops which must almost always be custom sized to the size and layout and design of your kitchen. Next we have the countertops which if you are planning on getting any natural stones like granite or marble they must be cut, milled, and polished out exactly to the design of your kitchen cabinets, appliances, and sinks. You can now start to see how everything works like building block one on top of the other and if one is not done as precise as possible then everything that follows will only be as good as what it was built on.

Now we have the Installation of your appliances and all the trades associated with them. For example your refrigerator has to have an outlet hidden behind it and a water supply line for the ice maker and water dispenser. Next we have the oven a range with may require a high voltage outlet if it is electric or a 120v outlet directly behind it and a gas line if it runs off gas. Another thing that is not usually thought of is the duct work that runs outside for the range hood. Next on the list is the power and water lines to drive the garbage disposal and dishwasher which must be there however you rarely see any wires for them. New lighting must also be supplied with power which must be ran through the walls to a power source and controlled by a switch. And last but not least we have the plumbing for the sinks.

You can now easily start to see all the steps and specialties involved and what must be done and thought of before hand when remodeling kitchen compared to a living room or bedroom, and also why it will have the highest positive impact on the value of your home as long as its done correctly.

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