The Remodeling Process

Remodeling any part of your home should be a positive and exciting experience from start to finish. At Stronghold Remodeling we make sure to follow a tried and true process in order to eliminate as many obstacles as possible. We also give our customers a detailed step by step guide and estimated time frame of what needs to be done, the amount of time it will take, and why it needs to take the given amount of time. This is our way of keeping the home owner in the loop every step of the way and their way of checking that we are staying on schedule. Another way we always try to go above and beyond your average remodeler by including the replacement of the items that many home remodelers do not include such as water stop valves, supply lines, for your faucets and toilets and even the little overlooked items like wall outlets, switches, cover plates, A/C vents will all be updated. Now some homeowners may think that this is an un necessary step however everything in a home has a lifespan and every home has different grade of original materials. We assure our homeowners that this step is necessary in order for us to guarantee our work. 


Another aspect of remodeling that many homeowners do not know is that a lot of contractors will mix and match brands of building materials such as waterproofing membrane, thin-set, cement board, and grout. Although there is nothing wrong with this it does have one BIG downside which is that mixing brands voids all warranties on materials and labor extended by the manufacturer which will in turn cost the homeowner. Another BIG problem we often see is contractors not using a water proofing membrane or cement board in wet areas such as bath-tub surrounds and shower walls. This is a HUGE NO, it means your home will not be up to code, MOLD will start to grow behind the walls from the grout lines absorbing water and transferring it to the thin-set then the drywall and insulation where it will have all the time and space to spread causing allergies and unpleasant odors until the tile starts to fail. Following our tried and true practices is our way of insuring that our customers get their moneys worth and solid built, trouble free peace of mind for many years after our work has been completed.

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